Evernote to launch “Evernote Business”

Our practice is moving slowly towards becoming a paperless office, and we’re deploying Evernote as the primary tool in achieving this goal. However, one of the concerns regarding Evernote’s current structure has been the “personal” nature of the service, in that every subscriber to Evernote creates a notebook which must then be shared with others. The ownership of the material stored within that notebook is therefore unclear when it comes to business use. What happens to that notebook if a member of staff leaves the company, for example? As far as I’m aware, notebooks cannot easily be transferred between one user and another. Also, there is no clear break between a personal account and a business one (the fact that accounts can be “sponsored” rather than “owned” by a business is evidence of this).

All this may be about to change. At the Trunk Conference last week, Evernote announced that Evernote Business would launch in December 2012. This new service will allow businesses to centralise their user accounts, with notebooks managed centrally on a business rather than user basis. This will be a big reassurance to businesses who, so far, have been reluctant to move their office data into the cloud.

The complete list of Evernote Business features announced so far are as follows:

  • Admin Console
    Administrators get access to an Admin Console that lets them manage their company data and who has access to it.
  • Powerful Sharing
    Businesses can create a Notebook directory that contains content important to all employees. In addition, employees can publish notebooks to the business directory to collaborate with others in the organization.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
    To ensure that all your questions and needs are addressed and help you get the most out of Evernote Business, all Evernote Business customers will get a dedicated Customer Success Manager that’s always just a phone call away.
  • Smart Data Ownership
    Any content that is placed into designated Evernote Business notebooks within user accounts is managed and owned by the business. Anything created and stored in a user’s personal Evernote account is controlled by the user.
  • Easy On-boarding
    Once a company is set up for Evernote Business, employees can upgrade their Evernote accounts simply by entering their business email address.
  • Simplified Billing
    Easily pay for your entire organization using a single credit card or invoice.

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